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Intelligent Security on Advanced Cloud Platform
EntryOne’s most advanced access control is built on latest cloud architecture for its reliability, security, and speed. The encrypted credentials are stored both on the local devices and the cloud for redundancy. EntryOne offers non-cloneable high frequency key cards and fobs. The digital mobile key is transmitted in Bluetooth mode in encrypted and one-time use format. An EntryOne device at each door communicates to the EntryOne cloud directly and securely with SSL certificates.
High Security for Any Location in Less Time than Any Others in the Market
Our revolutionary access control solutions leverage the latest IoT and cloud technologies to make installation much quicker and easier. It can cut as much as 70% of the initial build cost. Ours is the only cloud access control system on the market that requires neither data line nor power line. Our solar powered and cellular connected device installations are ideal for remote and demanding outdoor locations. Customers can also forgo the plastic key cards and fobs to have virtual keys on their smart devices.
Our Team and Our Philosophy
We are a group of engineers who are passionate about bringing in the best security technologies and the most affordable solutions to the access control space. Our deep experience in hardware, software, cloud computing, AI and device installations gave us unique perspectives and advantages in designing EntryOne’s innovative products. Our solutions, which are often suggested by security managers, system integrators and end uers, always put customers’ security benefits, ease of use and cost savings as top priorities.